Happy Shahan was the founding Father of the Texas film industry and the surrogate Father to countless young people who worked each summer at the Alamo Village. 
     He attracted both those seeking fame and fortune and those seeking love and guidance. Happy reached out to rich kids, poor kids, troubled kids, and talented kids, bestowing on them all the same gift. The ability to discover integrity in themselves.
No acting break or record deal could have been as valuable as the lessons learned during the summers at Alamo Village.
    Remember being called to Happy's back room? Most of us can. When that request was made, we knew we were in trouble.  Shahan would sit us down in the chair next to his, lean in real close and commence to tell us how what we had done was an act of "stupidity."
    Sometimes there would be a fine attached, sometimes a
handshake or a hug, but in all cases there were the words, 
"Hey... I'm not mad at you." A reprimand handed down by a man most of us placed on a pedestal, and all of us placed in our hearts.

It has been several years since many of us have walked the streets at Alamo Village, but just like a magic time machine one special memory can bring us back again. 
  These pages are dedicated not only to our memories of Alamo Village, but to the man who made those memories possible.

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At this time, the buttons are working, but not every year has information on its pages.
If you have pictures and a list of the people who worked the same year as you worked please email or US mail me the information and I will add it to the page. With your help this should be a fun project but I do need your help to make it a success.

Penny Campbell-Loewen
Please sign our Guestbook, and tell us the year you worked at AlamoVillage, and the thoughts you still carry of this great man...
Happy Shahan 
Taken Nov, 1995 photo by Penny Campbell-Loewen

I have been getting emails from people who are concerned that now that Virginia has passed
and Alamo Village has closed its gates, that this web site will close down as well.
It is owned and maintained by me alone.
I made this web site and I have paid for the hosting costs for 16 years now.
I do it so that everyone can "find" and "stay" in touch with one another.
I feel it is important that the ones who once worked at Alamo Village have a way to stay in contact with one another...

Penny Campbell-Loewen

If you have any photos that you have taken of the entertainers at Alamo Village through out the years. We would very much appreciate your emailing them to this address, so that we might add them to the A.V. Reunion web site... 

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